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Are You Hitting the Right Notes with Customers?

by Super User

Sometimes I look forward to sitting in my dentist’s chair more than visiting a client’s retail store. Why? It’s the music.
If you’ve ever found yourself nervously eyeing the exit while your kids linger in Abercrombie & Fitch, you know what I mean.

The pounding, blaring in-store music is designed to keep the teens shopping–and does so brilliantly. A&F is clearly an example of a retailer who knows its core customer.

My dentist knows his customers, too. That’s why the high-quality speakers in his office emanate the soothing sounds of soft rock, pleasant pop and a huge helping of jazz. I’m at ease as soon as I walk in. The background music helps me feel more comfortable while he’s working on my teeth, and it makes all his patients more at ease, regardless of age.

Industry studies show that the right music keeps customers in stores longer and keeps them in spending mode. You know your customers better than anyone. If a boom box with cassette tapes does the trick, great. But it’s getting easier and more affordable to go digital. Services like Trusonic and DMX will tell you what they think is the best music for your demographic, or will let you choose the type of music that suits your business. They will also show you how to insert your own commercials promoting in-store specials or upcoming sales.

Not sure what kind of tunes your customers like? Ask them. Give them a quick music survey form to complete and drop in a box. (Be sure to get their email addresses so you can notify them of sales and specials.) Then hold a random drawing for a merchandise giveaway. Involve them in the process and listen to your sales grow.
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