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Don’t Let Problems Become Terminal

by Super User

Returning from New York to San Diego recently, I sat in the Jet Blue terminal, waiting for my flight home. Advertised throughout the terminal were free Internet wireless zones.

I thought: How cool is this? Free Internet. I can check my e mails, do a little web browsing, get caught up before the flight.

Unfortunately, the connection was so miserable that everyone trying to use it simply gave up. And the seating was so uncomfortable, our rear ends could only sustain the pain for about 10 minutes before we had to change seats. What a waste of a great opportunity for JetBlue: a really inexpensive chance to add value to their brand and create a memorable experience was so easily upset by faulty equipment and cheap seats.

If I were Airport King, I would mandate that all airports provide free web service with cushy seating. They can make their money advertising on the site, and the resultant improved customer experience would greatly alleviate customer service issues when planes are late, kids are crying and food is just barely edible.

My point? Too many retailers get complacent about the little things that make customers come back for more. In your clothing store, it might be the floor-to-ceiling wardrobe mirrors (have you cleaned them lately?). In your bead shop, maybe it’s the free samples you give to anyone who walks in the door (are they hot new designs or just old inventory?).

Do what JetBlue staff should have done: Keep an eye on the customers and take immediate steps to correct any dissatisfaction. Otherwise, your bottom line could suffer a terminal decline.